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Android Apps Development Course

Course Detail

Android Apps Development


This course introduces mobile application development for the Android platform. Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. Students will learn skills for creating and deploying Android applications, with particular emphasis on software engineering topics including software architecture, software process, usability, and deployment. We have the best courses for you!

We have the best courses for you!

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Module 1
Understanding Mobile Apps:
  • What is Mobile Apps?
  • Different Kinds of Mobile Apps
  • Android Intro
Understanding Android:
  • History behind Android Development
  • Why we need Android Apps?
  • What you should know to learn Android
  • Java and Android
Module 2
Android Architecture:
  • Overview of Android Stack
  • Understanding the Hardware
  • Comparisons with other OS
  • Introduction to OS layers
  • Android Installation
Understanding Android Stack:
  • What Linux Kernel
  • Understand Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • What is Application Framework?
  • What is Dalvi VM
Module 3
Installing Android Machine:
  • Configuring Android Stack
  • Creating Eclipse Environment
  • Integrating Android with Eclipse IDE
  • Exploring Eclipse IDE
Developing Android Application:
  • Developing your first Android Application
  • Test Application through DDMS
  • Setting up Android environment
  • AVD Installation and configuration
Module 4
Understanding Android Components:
  • What is Activities?
  • Understanding Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Understanding Content Providers
Creating your first App:
  • Your first Hello World project
  • The manifest file
  • Layout resource
  • Running your app on AVD Emulator
Module 5
Applying Styles & Themes in Android:
  • Android and using styles
  • How to cascade built-in Style and User defined style
  • Use of Styles and themes in your apps
Creating Advanced UI:
  • Selection components (Grid View, List View, Spinner)
  • Adapters, Custom Adapters
  • Complex UI components
  • Building UI for performance
  • Menus
  • Creating custom and compound Views
Working with SQLite Database & Content Providers:
  • Introduction
  • SQLite Database Helper and Creating a Database
  • Opening and Closing a Database
  • Working with Cursors Inserts, updates and deletes
  • Basics of Content Provider
  • Using a Content Provider
  • Native Content Provider

Career Opportunities

  • Android Developer
  • Android Mobile Apps Developer
  • Mobile Developer (Android)
  • Android Apps Designer
  • Native Android Developer
  • Lead Android Developers

Entry Qualification

  • Candidates will be admitted on the basis of interviews and / or group discussions.
  • 20% of the total seats will be reserved for SC, ST and OBC candidates.If the reserved seats are not filled within the specified period, the vacant seats will be offered to the general candidates.

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